Mike WiLL Made It’s “23”: Preview Miley Cyrus’ Rap

Christina Lee | August 24, 2013 10:03 am

Atlanta hip-hop producer Mike WiLL Made It has teased another snippet from his debut single “23” — this time, a rap by Miley Cyrus. While the hook features Cyrus in a disaffected mood, her verse causes her to nearly squeal in delight, as she imagines strutting into a club, “looking like a model / who just got a check.”

Mike WiLL said Cyrus had to convince him that she could pull off the verse. On Sway in the Morning, he says that while he guided her through initially (“For that I had to school her — ‘Yo, you gotta be in these pockets. You gotta ride the beat like this'”), the verse ended up being all her.

“Man, I see her smoke purp and all that,” the producer said, adding, “We helped out, but at the end of the day it’s all truth.” Preview Cyrus’ rap verse after the jump.

(Skip to 6:40.)

Mike WiLL was wise to preview Cyrus’ rap verse now, before “23” drops August 26; not only does that move help build anticipation for the single, but those two days may help listeners get used to Cyrus’ higher-pitched flow, which sounds a little grating on first listen. Plus, as demonstrated on Sway, a rap radio audience may still need to get used to the idea of hearing Miley Cyrus — or a white girl, as emphasized here — rapping on their airwaves, which Mike WiLL has dominated over the past year.

While host Sway Calloway admits to liking Cyrus’ live shows, founding producer Diamond D (left of Mike WiLL) looked uncomfortable. It seems that, no matter how much truth Cyrus spits, her “23” verse is bound to spark discussion.

[via HipHop-N-More]