Goldfrapp’s “Annabel” Video: Watch The Thoughtful Exploration In Gender Identity

Robbie Daw | September 3, 2013 10:41 am

Ahead of the release of Tales Of Us (out September 10) and their live gig at New York’s Beacon Theatre (same day as album release) next week, Goldfrapp have premiered the short film for their track “Annabel.” Much like previous visual “Drew,” this one was directed by Lisa Gunning, and it plays out as a thought-provoking, cinematic adventure in black and white beauty — until the end, when we see the main character dancing around in a gold, sequined dress.

It’s worth noting that the main character is a young boy, whose life seems quite ordinary and mundane until he disappears into a wooded area and draws a very androgynous-looking figure in a journal. He eventually pulls the dress out of a paper lunch bag, and seems to find a euphoric type of freedom once he tries it on and dances around in the woods.

Goldfrapp seem to have climbed onto a new artistic plateau with their whole Tales Of Us project. Ultimately, the short films for “Annabel” and “Drew” both succeed in teasing us with just enough of a snapshot of intriguing lives that are not out own, while still keeping the specifics an absolute mystery.