Katy Perry Will Drop “Dark Horse” (Featuring Juicy J) As Her Next ‘Prism’ Single

Christina Lee | August 26, 2013 8:52 am

The #KatyCats have chosen. Based on a Twitter poll conducted this weekend, Katy Perry will release “Dark Horse” on September 17, as her second single off Prism.

Compared to its contender, the pulsating “Dark Horse” sounded more modern thanks to Lumineers-style chants and a subtle dub breakdown. “Walking on Air” seemed to inspire Perry to channel house diva Ce Ce Penniston (of 1991’s “Finally”) if not imagine herself in a Jock Jams album.

#KatyCats chose Prism‘s next single, though, based only on 30-second snippets. So after votes were cast, “Dark Horse” beating “Walking on Air” with nearly double the votes, Perry revealed a true surprise: “Dark Horse” features Memphis rap icon Juicy J, who reemerged this year with a “Bandz a Make Her Dance”-fueled comeback. (His new ties to Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake are an added, unexpected, bonus.)

Twerk Katy, twerk? Given her Rocky-inspired set at the MTV Video Music Awards, anything seems possible.