2013 MTV Video Music Awards: 12 Moments That Went Viral — Rihanna’s Shade, Miley’s Butt & The Influence Of Xtina

Mike Wass | August 26, 2013 1:48 pm

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards will go down as one of the most memorable in the event’s rich history. And not just because of the bumper line-up or Justin Timberlake‘s epic 10 minute performance. We were blessed with a bunch of #pitchystrippers — thanks, Kelly Clarkson! — and enough off-stage drama to keep a Mexican telenovela going for months.

This was the year that the already blurred lines between on-stage antics and audience behavior finally melted away entirely. Rihanna and Taylor Swift both made headlines by throwing shade from their seats, while Christina Aguilera made her presence felt without even attending! In fact, the event played like Twitter come to life, which is probably why it was so thoroughly enjoyable.

Here are 12 of the event’s funniest/shadiest non-musical moments and highlights of the social media havoc they inspired. Grab some popcorn and take a seat.

1. Taylor Swift Shaded Harry Styles

It must be annoying running into your ex at industry events — as Taylor Swift can clearly attest. She kept her cool for most of the night but seeing former boyfriend Harry Styles present an award was too much to bear and she was caught muttering “shut the fuck up!” on camera. Whoops.

2. Lady Gaga refused to open a car door

Mother Monster is not about that life.

3. Iggy Azalea photobombed A-listers with a mouth full of food

While Iggy Azalea failed to win an award, she can take some consolation in being the night’s photobombing champion. Here she is ruining a classy pic of Ellie Goulding, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora. While still eating dinner.

4. Epic Records shaded Katy Perry

Record companies really should think twice about throwing shade at artists from other labels. Epic Records took a cheap shot at Katy Perry and sparked a minor avalanche of hate.

This sums up the response.

5. Rihanna pranked the lady sitting in front of her

Rihanna’s look of absolute boredom was, funnily enough, a highlight in and of itself. When not snatching wigs with a single withering glance, the Barbadian pop diva entertained herself by pranking fellow audience members.

6. Lady Gaga defended Direction

As the Queen of anti-bullying, Lady Gaga was not about to sit there and do nothing while One Direction got booed. She turned around in her seat to find the culprit but unfortunately Detective Gaga came up empty.

However, she did manage to rush backstage and give the boys a pep talk. Noone’s gonna hate while Mother Monster’s on watch!

7. Katy Perry copied Xtina

Katy Perry roared under the Brooklyn bridge but the internet wasn’t about to let her be great. It turns out Christina Aguilera delivered a similar boxing ring-themed performance of “Dirrty” a decade earlier and Xtina’s Fighters made sure everyone knew it.

8. Taylor Swift made Bruno Mars look like a little person

If RiRi can cut a bitch with her eyes, Tay Tay can do the same just by standing.

9. Ed sheeran got handsy

Ed Sheeran got very familiar with Ellie Goulding’s inner thigh.

The British songstress later jumped on Twitter to say that she carries on like that with all her friends:

10. Miley Cyrus’ flat butt became an international meme

This tweet pretty much sums it up.

11. Taylor Swift was clocked for copying Xtina’s hair

Christina Aguilera’s Fighters worked over time on Sunday night, reminding Twitter that the Bionic pioneer did everything first.

12. Rihanna shaded Miley Cyrus

Rihanna deserves an award for her accomplishments in shade throwing. This gif pretty much sums up the entire show.

What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below.