Miley Cyrus Sports Cut-Up Michael Jordan Jersey For Mike WiLL Made It’s “23” Video Shoot

Christina Lee | August 27, 2013 10:31 am

Miley Cyrus trades her nude vinyl bikini for one made of Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls jersey (above) on the set of Mike WiLL Made It‘s “23” video shoot — but her foam finger from her MTV Video Music Awards performance stays.

The video’s premise, based on Mike WiLL’s behind-the-scenes shots: locker-room and courtside views of the Atlanta producer’s widening, weirder visions of his producing career, starring Cyrus sitting in a hoop with a bedazzled basketball. Even after seeing where her foam finger has been, the Instagram-documented scene is pretty surreal — see it after the jump.

Call it bizarre, but the budding producer-pop star relationship — and the classless act that is Miley Cyrus, now — is increasingly starting to seem like a brilliant twist to rap’s already-weird obsession with her. Over the past year or so, rappers have taken to name-dropping white female celebrities as code for not-so innocent drugs, particularly Cyrus and Hannah Montana.

So with her sly reference to molly in “We Can’t Stop,” but also with every odd prop, bikini and Naughty by Nature-referencing verse, Cyrus seems to be sticking her tongue right back out and pointing her foam finger right back at rap, as if to say, “You want Miley? You got it.”

Mike WiLL Made It’s “23,” also featuring Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, drops in September.