Sorry *NSYNC Fans, But A Full Reunion Is Not On The Way

Carl Williott | August 27, 2013 9:57 am

We won’t say the *NSYNC reunion was the highlight of Justin Timberlake‘s 2013 VMAs takeover, but it was certainly one of the best things about it. After a week of rumors and hype, we still couldn’t believe we were seeing all five guys doing the “Bye Bye Bye” dance together once again. In a smart move, it was a very brief reunion (compare it to the Destiny’s Child one during the Super Bowl Halftime Show), giving fans just enough to throw them into an ecstatic frenzy, but not enough to make the magic wear off. But now it looks like that little tease will have to hold everyone over for a while. Both JC Chasez and Lance Bass were clear that there’s no larger *NSYNC reunion in the works.

First, JC gave a flat-out “No” when asked if the reunion would continue. He told Ryan Seacrest that the VMAs appearance — which was Timberlake’s idea — “was just about five guys who were great friends who spent 10 or 15 years together touring and we…wanted to give that back to our fans, but we were there mainly to support Justin.” Then Lance on Monday (August 27) confirmed the disappointing (but totally understandable) news, telling the Associated Press, “It would be lovely to do it, but we got nothing planned.”

“It’s simply not part of the conversation right now,” Bass added. “We just focused on that one performance. If we did anything like that, I think we would come up with something real special where we could actually call it ‘The Reunion.'” So you’re telling me there’s a chance

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