Cher’s “Woman’s World” Gets A Spoken-Word Interpretation By Jackie Collins

Mike Wass | August 27, 2013 11:45 am

Just when you thought Cher‘s “Woman’s World” couldn’t get any more ridiculous/amazing, Jackie Collins had to go and deliver a “dramatic reading”. I’m still recovering from the retired-drag-queens-on-acid video clip! But once you accept the wave of fabulous that is about to wash over you like a hot flush, the sultry 67-year-old’s latest promo tactic turns out to be a high-camp delight.

For starters, you get to witness the spectacle of Jackie Collins sitting primly on a deckchair — reading “Woman’s World” with the seriousness of a Shakespearean scholar. (Let’s face it, Cher’s latest disco anthem > Othello etc). Then there’s the burning realization that the song is basically a rehash of “Strong Enough” with a slight feminist twist. Not that it matters. Joan’s glamorous sister has given the club hit her seal of approval, so you know it’s an artistic triumph of the highest order. Watch up top.

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