Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Are Passive-Aggressively Beefing On Twitter About Mermaid Outfits

Carl Williott | August 28, 2013 6:11 am

Twitter beefer/sometimes-rapper Azealia Banks has insinuated that Lady Gaga is copying the mermaid/under the sea themes from Banks’ 2012 Fantasea mixtape and Mermaid Ball shows. The claims stem from the clam shell bikini Gaga wore at the 2013 MTV VMAs and the following tweet Gaga posted prepping her fans for her September 1 iTunes Festival performance: “I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish.”

Banks caught wind of the fashion tips and soon marked her territory, tweeting “@ladygaga hmmmm sounds alot like Azealia Banks’ mermaid balls.” Mother Monster then hilarious tweeted out a GIF of a crying Ariel from The Little Mermaid,” which Banks followed with, “Not picking a fight. Just all looks soo familiar…. To me.”

We’re glad to see that as of this writing, nothing got heated. But there are a few things to consider here. First, Gaga recently announced that her collaboration with Azealia will not be on ARTPOP, so there could be some tension in their relationship. Secondly, it’s not like the under-the-sea thing is a new look. Botticelli, Peter Pan, seapunk, etc. They’re both cribbing, OK? Thirdly, Gaga was also accused of stealing mermaid ideas from Bette Midler a couple years ago. Anyway, head below to see the relevant tweets.