Ariana Grande’s “You’ll Never Know”: Hear Her Bubbly ‘Yours Truly’ Kissoff

Christina Lee | August 28, 2013 11:46 am

Ariana Grande begins “You’ll Never Know” on a sly note. “Now you’ve fallen, tell me how you feel,” she sings. The catch, as the song increasingly makes clear, is that she couldn’t care less.

Grande, a former Nickelodeon child star, shows this best at the song’s hook, where her voice sprints on top of crisp snares, piano accents and burbling synthesizers. She reels, but she also seems to envision herself running from that boy who thinks he’s found a girl like her, helping to turn “You’ll Never Know” into a bright pop kiss-off.

Compared to other songs (except maybe for one), “You’ll Never Know” may even be the most youthful cut that Grande has released off her debut album Yours Truly, out September 3.  Check it out after the jump.

Ariana Grande, “You’ll Never Know”

[via Rolling Stone]