Natalia Kills Embraces Retro Soul On “Outta Time”: Listen To The Gorgeous ‘Trouble’ Tune

Mike Wass | August 28, 2013 6:03 pm

Natalia Kills shows her incredible versatility on recently surfaced Trouble track “Outta Time”. The gorgeous Jeff Bhasker-produced anthem finds the former electro-pop practitioner dabbling in Phil Spector-esque retro-soul. On paper it’s an odd fit but the decision to explore this new musical terrain is absolutely inspired.

While the track is a pastiche of sounds from different eras, it never sounds lazy or derivative. “Outta Time” owes a huge debt to Bhasker’s multi-layered, shimmery production but Natalia rises to the occasion. There’s an unexpected rawness to her vocal that recalls Dusty Springfield (a huge compliment) and the chorus is an absolute monster. Listen after the jump.

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