Lady Gaga Previews New Song “Swine” In iTunes Festival Rehearsal Video: Watch Things Get Wild

Carl Williott | August 29, 2013 6:06 am

Lady Gaga is set to perform at London’s iTunes Festival on Sunday (September 1), and she has dubbed the gig Swinefest, named after an ARTPOP track called “Swine.” Gaga teased the song in recent days, tweeting out lyrics and hashtags like “#GETREADYTOSQUEAL,” and now she has posted iTunes Fest rehearsal footage featuring parts of that song — and it’s a bit bananas.

The teaser starts off innocuously, with Gaga sitting at her piano and singing “I know you want me / You’re just a pig inside a human body,” before some drums and a wailing guitar kick in, almost like a darker upgrade of “You And I.” Then shit gets appropriately Gaga-y: she starts yelping “swine!” while banging on a small drum kit behind her piano as a wobbly electro beat pulsates underneath everything.

I know there’s this whole faction of people who will be annoyed by this clip because they just want Gaga to stay in her lane and write huge, straightforward pop, but I will respectfully disagree and say, from this meager preview, “Swine” seems pretty fucking rad.

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