Britney Spears’ Pop Report Card: We Grade Her 7 Albums

Jonathan Riggs | September 2, 2013 6:30 am

Ahead of the September 17 release of Britney Spears’, umm, whatever “All Eyes On Me” is, we’re grading the Disney-vet-turned-pop-princess’ seven studio albums in our Pop Report Card. While Britney has shared her secret “album 8 recipe” with us — including its apparently show-stopping centerpiece —looking back on her catalog is making us hungry for that particularly delicious Britney Spears brand of pop.

Can she deliver the same magic that populated some of her prior efforts? Britney certainly knows a thing or two about delivering hits. So while we wait around for her next set of pop jams, let’s see how well her previous efforts have stood the test of time.

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