5 Songs We Couldn’t Stop Dancing To This Summer

John Hamilton | September 3, 2013 6:30 am

Whether we were working it out on an Ibiza dancefloor, frolicking in the white sands of a beach party in Greece, or more realistically, breakdancing around the coffee table in our living room, we found ourselves spoiled this summer with an abundance of uplifting dance hits. Everywhere we went, big beats and sizzling basslines blasted from the radio, letting us know that the electronic dance wave of the past few years was no mere fluke: Dance music is bigger than ever, and it’s here to stay…for now, at least! (Case in point: Sony’s upcoming dance-themed film Battle Of The Year, in Theaters September 20.)

Unfortunately, summer is not here to stay and, as a matter of fact, already seems to be looking for the exit signs. Before we give in to another school year or worse — long pants and sweaters! — we’re heading out to the club for a final twirl. Make that five final twirls…we could never resist a list.

So dance music enthusiasts, throw on your shorty-shorts and meet us in the middle of the floor for one last boogie as we count down this summer’s top five dance jams! These songs kept us hot all summer and we’ll probably keep playing them well into the autumn months. We don’t care, we love them!

Daft Punk, “Get Lucky”

Summer began on a high note when France’s funkiest robots returned with this ode to disco, a plucky sex call fronted by the always-irresistible Pharrell and legendary axeman Nile Rodgers. The track’s vintage hustle was appropriately Chic and as inescapable as the heat, with Pharrell’s laidback delivery reminding us what’s been missing from so much of today’s EDM workouts: pure soul!

Ideal dancefloor: The balcony of Studio 54 with a bottle of champagne, approximately 35 years ago.

Icona Pop, “I Love It”

These ’90s chicks were supremely pissed off and they had the grinding bassline to prove it. Infectious doesn’t begin to describe “I Love It,” a shout-y, catchy call to arms written by and featuring additional vocals from critical darling Charli XCX. Heard everywhere from Dancing With The Stars to Snooki & JWOWW, this break-up lament disguised as a dancefloor corker easily earned its place among the summer’s hottest turn-it-up-NOW radio hits.

Ideal dancefloor: A speeding car, a bridge, the holding cell of your local police precinct.

Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais, “Summertime Sadness”

Who would’ve guessed that one of Lana’s most angst-ridden anthems would become the surprise dance hit of the season? French DJ/producer (don’t worry, we’re about to narrow it down) Cedric Gervais turned this 2012 single into something as terrifying and beautiful as Lana herself, and if I heard it in a club, I might actually hide in the restroom until it was over. Still, I’d have to shake a shoulder to it in one of the stalls.

Ideal dancefloor: The ballroom of an exquisitely dilapidated Italian villa, or a rave at your therapist’s office.

Zedd ft. Foxes, “Clarity”

From Real McCoy to Nicki French, Americans have always appreciated a finely crafted slice of Eurocheese every now and then. This one ticks all the right boxes for just such a hit: yearning vocals that match an otherworldly beat, confusing lyrics (not that they matter in the heat of a dancefloor), and a crescendo that takes the proceedings to whole ‘nother level.

Ideal dancefloor: Party at the exploding pyramids of Mars, of course.

Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound”

The cheeky boys of Capital Cities really knew how to get bums moving with their brassy electro-pop jingle “Safe And Sound.” This upbeat twirler made a splash into the top ten last week, thanks in no small part to its cheerful hooks and overall buoyant feel. As for dancing, the video references a century’s worth of styles, from 1920’s hoofers to roller boogie babes and breakdancing b-boys.

Ideal dancefloor: Your own hallway after a wine-soaked viewing of Xanadu on cable.