Lady Gaga Previews New Song “Manicure” With Another Rehearsal Video: Watch

Carl Williott | August 30, 2013 5:45 am

After giving us a preview of the wild, grimy “Swine” via rehearsal footage for her forthcoming iTunes Festival set, Lady Gaga has now teased new song “Manicure” with similar behind-the-scenes fare. Based on the minute-long rehearsal snippet, this is a raw, high energy cut, and the electro-pop tendencies heard on previously revealed ARTPOP material is conspicuously absent.

Instead, there’s a  jacked-up ’60s girl group beat hammered out through clattering percussion, and the refrain goes into full-on diva rock territory, a la Pink. It’s a bit difficult to make out the words and different elements (she advised, “THE SOUND QUALITY OF THESE CLIPS HAS BEEN OBSTRUCTED TO GIVE YOU A TASTE OF ARTPOP BUT ULTIMATELY CONFUSE YOU UNTIL SUNDAY”), but Gaga, ever helpful, has been tweeting out lyrics to the song, which you can check out below.

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