Ariana Grande Celebrates Release Of ‘Yours Truly’ By Performing “The Way” With Mac Miller: Watch

Carl Williott | September 3, 2013 11:36 am

Ariana Grande dropped her very promising debut album Yours Truly today (September 3), and to celebrate the occasion she got back together with Mac Miller to perform lead single “The Way” on TODAY. As you may know, these outdoor morning show performances are nightmare scenarios for singers, what with the bad monitors, tiny stages and screaming fans five feet away. Also, keep in mind the gig takes place when the only people awake are farmers and psycopaths. But, damn! When you’ve got Grande’s gift, apparently none of that is a problem.

She started off with a flawless a cappella intro, and her vocals soared during the actual song. In fact, she was so coolly confident that she was giggling during Mac’s first verse. Check it out up top, and head below to watch Ariana perform “Tattooed Heart.”

Ariana Grande — “Tattooed Heart”