Stream Holy Ghost!’s New Album ‘Dynamics’

Carl Williott | September 3, 2013 12:19 pm

DFA disco revivers Holy Ghost! will be back with sophomore album Dynamics on September 10, but the New York City duo is streaming the LP a week ahead of its release. We’ve already heard choice cuts “Teenagers In Heat” and the epic “Dumb Disco Ideas,” and the rest of the material is equally full of gummy synths, bright hooks and, of course, four on the floor beats. In other words, it doesn’t seem the formula has changed much from their debut (maybe there’s a tad more of a rock touch this time around…see: the Glenn Frey-channeling “It Must Be The Weather”).

Stream it (and check out the incredibly thorough credit list which names each synth, keyboard and drum machine responsible for every bleep, wash and click on each song) over at Pitchfork.