Britney Spears To Appear On ‘Good Morning America’ September 17

Carl Williott | September 5, 2013 7:44 am

We’re still not entirely sure what Britney Spears‘ official site is counting down to, but all clues point to some sort of Las Vegas residency/new single tandem announcement. When her “All Eyes On Me” clock hits zero at 9:30 a.m. ET on September 17, we’ll have the answers, and Brit will be on Good Morning America to give them to us, according to Digital Spy. It’s unclear if she’ll be performing on the show, but the British site says she’s been training with a vocal coach in preparation for an unnamed upcoming appearance.

(GMA made waves in the pop world a few weeks ago when Lady Gaga appeared on the morning show for an interview and to premiere her “Applause” music video in Times Square, so that could be a template for the type of spectacle we’ll see with Brit.)

Earlier this week, Spears fansite BreatheHeavy said an invitation was floating around Vegas boasting that September 17 would see “the biggest announcement in Las Vegas Entertainment History.” Meanwhile, worshippers of the Holy Spearit are convinced the new single from album eight is called “Werk Bitch.” In just 12 days, all will be revealed.