Eminem Previews “Berzerk” Video At ESPN’s ‘Saturday Night Football’: Watch

Christina Lee | September 8, 2013 8:14 am

Eminem can be his own worst spokesman. He proved this when he premiered a teaser of his new “Berzerk” video during ESPN’s Saturday Night Football, a high-profile move that Jay Z would have co-signed. He stood with his mouth agape, dazed, for long enough to cause host Kirk Herbstreit to laugh nervously and fiddle with his pen. Em said that live TV makes him nervous…on live TV. And when Herbstreit asked of the most exciting aspect of his new album MMLP2, he said, “Um, nothing.”

For a split second Eminem seemed to be re-introducing “The Real Slim Shady,” that bleach-blond prankster who spat on your onion rings.

Based on the preview though, Eminem’s “Berzerk” video seems fueled by tamer antics. To over-saturated skies that recall the Beastie Boys“So Whatcha Want” video, the Detroit rapper spits of kicking it to Public Enemy before he shoves the camera filming him, then Kendrick Lamar shoves Em out of the frame. (It’s all good — Eminem shouts out to K-Dot in the song.) The most berzerk part, actually, may be that producer Rick Rubin appears to be sporting a spray tan.

So while the “Berzerk” video will get hip-hop purists salivating, Eminem’s ESPN appearance feels like a more compelling throwback, to when he was the TRL fixture who everyone loved to loathe. Watch the video preview up top, then check out his interview below.

Eminem talks “Berzerk,” MMLP2