Lady Gaga Performs “Applause” On ‘Good Morning America’ & Talks About Artistic Freedom: Watch

Carl Williott | September 9, 2013 7:03 am

Lady Gaga brought “Applause” to Oz for her The Wizard Of Oz-themed performance on Good Morning America today (September 9), donning a Dorothy outfit, a Glinda outfit and then an avant-Dorothy outfit for the theatrical morning show spectacle. She began by singing a verse of “Over The Rainbow,” then those neon synths kicked in and Dorothy Gaga danced down the yellow brick road (with her actual dog Fozzi in the role of Toto, looking hilariously confused in her basket the whole time).

There was no bikini for this gig, but Mother Monster more than made up for it by literally snatching the wig of the Wicked Witch at one point.

After the performance (which you can watch up top), the star sat down for an interview, wherein she explained that Dorothy had to transform to survive, and that tale is a metaphor for Gaga’s career, with all of the wigs and costumes. Mother Monster was very humbled and grateful throughout the interview, saying she still can’t believe her level of stardom and artistic freedom — and of course had lots of praise for her Monsters. Watch the chat below.