Watch Drake’s Flashy ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Trailer

Carl Williott | September 11, 2013 8:15 am

We live in a world where album trailers are now the norm, just another promotional tentacle added to the tangle of studio photos, song snippets, song titles, album covers, music video previews and whatever other hype-building teases are currently in use. Sometimes, these album trailers are really off the wall or enlightening. Other times, they’re just…there. Drake‘s trailer for Nothing Was The Same (out September 24) falls into that latter category.

The visual features of fleet of flashy cars rocking Canadian flags as triumphant horns blare, before a beat kicks in and the album cover flashes up. That’s it. Had this video appeared a few months ago, then we’d have been stoked. But today it’s just another bit of Drake promo we’re obligated to write about. Trust us, dude, we’re aware that the album drops in 13 days.