Alex Winston’s “101 Vultures”: Idolator Premiere

Carl Williott | September 13, 2013 8:00 am

Alex Winston was born in the Midwest and currently resides in New York City, but the pop singer has a distinctly British sensibility. Her voice has a quavering smokiness to it similar to Ellie Goulding‘s, while evoking some of Kate Bush‘s mystic primalism, so it’s no mystery why our neighbors across the pond have already fallen for her. And to make sure us Yankees get in on the action, we’re premiering Winston’s new single “101 Vultures.”

The new cut, like much of the material on last year’s King Con full-length, is intricately produced. But unlike most of today’s pop, everything here is portioned perfectly: the murky synths don’t consume the song, the bottom-of-a-well drums aren’t jacked up to the top of the mix on the refrain. It’s the type of refreshing track we’d describe as quirky if that label didn’t immediately bring to mind the overwrought eccentricity of, say, CocoRosie. So instead, we’ll just call it enchanting.

Hear the new song below.

Alex Winston — “101 Vultures”

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