Wu-Tang Clan Recorded A Remix Of Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever”

Christina Lee | September 15, 2013 9:16 am

When Drake released his new single “Wu-Tang Forever,” fans of the Wu-Tang Clan detected a sample and lyrical references to its 1997 single “It’s Yourz,” but felt it wasn’t enough of an homage to the Staten Island-meets Shaolin rap group. A remix in the works, and featuring the Clan itself, could help right what Drake did wrong.

According to U-God, all of the Wu recorded verses to producer Noah ’40’ Shebib‘s instrumental earlier this summer –not in retaliation, but in attempts to bridge rap generations in one track. “I’ve been bigging up Drake for a while,” he said to VIBE. “Plus he [sampled] the song that me and [Raekwon] jumped off so it made me feel real good. I’ve been in the game a long time and I really don’t get that much love. It’s positive.”

Once Drake dropped the original, Nothing Was the Same cut on September 13, reactions among the Wu-Tang Clan were the same as in the listening public: mixed. Both “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Itz Yourz” are about claiming the rap throne as theirs — as the Wu says, “The world is in the palm of your hands.”

However, while the group cited Socrates and sought to perform “lyrical armed robbery,” Drake resorted instead to childish, sing-song taunting to back a telling assertion: “”It ain’t about who did it first, it’s about who did it right.” Perhaps he’ll change his rap tune when this remix drops.

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