Sky Ferreira & Boyfriend Arrested For Drug Possession While Driving Stolen Car, Sigh

Sam Lansky | September 16, 2013 10:17 am

Here’s a story that’s the news equivalent of a sad face emoticon: Singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira, whose debut album was finally scheduled for release next month after (approximate guess) 10,000 years of delays and pushbacks, was arrested this weekend with her boyfriend, DIIV‘s Zachary Cole Smith, in upstate New York. Smith was carrying a plastic bag containing “42 decks of heroin” (that’s kind of a lot!) and was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance (heroin, oops), one count of possession of stolen property (the car was stolen, oops) and one count of aggravated unlicensed driving (Smith didn’t have a license, oops), as well as the violations of “unregistered motor vehicle, driving without insurance, unlicensed driver and having an inadequate exhaust system.”

Reports show that Sky Ferreira also has an inadequate exhaust system.

Meanwhile, Ferreira was found in possession of Ecstasy and reportedly resisted arrest, which is generally not a good look. The two were taken to Ulster County jail and then released later on bail.

It’s a colossal bummer for fans of the singer and those who have been eagerly anticipating her debut album since the beginning of time, but it’s also deeply frustrating for fans who have championed Ferreira to note that she always maintained her sobriety even as rumors circulated about her drug use. She could have side-stepped it diplomatically, but instead she seemed perpetually outraged by the supposed misconception.

Case in point: In an interview with Complex last year, she said, “Well, actually, you know what else I’d like to clarify? I’m not a fucking drug addict. It drives me crazy because I don’t do drugs. I’ve smoked pot before, but I can’t do that because my throat hurts. I don’t even smoke cigarettes or anything. I don’t even really drink… hopefully everyone will stop saying I do drugs or crack or whatever. [Laughs.] I mean, I think it’s kind of funny that people think that.”

It’s not productive to kick Ferreira when she’s down. Best of luck to her in both the legal and personal end of this fiasco; addiction is serious, and those afflicted deserve compassion. That said, a glib denial of drug use, bristling with self-righteous indignation, followed by being arrested in a stolen truck while your boyfriend is carrying enough heroin to tranquilize an elephant — that’s not going to win her much sympathy.

[via Pitchfork]