Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J: Hear The Trappy Track

Carl Williott | September 17, 2013 5:43 am

Now this is the sort of thing people were expecting after that first dark Prism teaser. Katy Perry has debuted “Dark Horse,” and it’s a brooding piece of trap-lite pop that lives up to its name. The beat is ice cold, with spare 808 thumps, finger snaps and squiggly synths/screwed vocal samples. As drums swell going into the chorus for one of those patented Perry crescendos, the star asks “Are you ready for, ready for / A perfect storm, perfect storm / ‘Cuz once you’re mine, once you’re mine / There’s no going back,” but everything drops out and that aqueous beat returns where, before, you’d have the raise-your-hands-and-sing-along moment of catharsis. It’s an expertly crafted bit of restraint.

Juicy J — the only real competition to 2 Chainz right now for Everyone’s Favorite Guest MC — turns out a serviceable verse, bolstering the song’s trap cred. Hear it below.

“Dark Horse” is the second song to be revealed from Prism (out October 22) , after fans voted for the song to be released.