Tegan And Sara Remake Their “Closer” Video With Dogs & Of Course It Is Completely Adorable: Watch

Carl Williott | September 18, 2013 6:58 am

Well, here’s one way to give your year-old single some new life: release a shot-for-shot remake of the music video, replacing all the people with adorable dogs. That’s what Tegan and Sara have done with The Pet Collective for a new version of their “Closer” video, starring a pair of fluffy white dogs in the role of the sisters, with a Corgi and a Pug at the center of the clip’s love story.

The pups throw a dance party, do some karaoke, play spin the bottle… they literally do all the things from the original video and earned all the treats money can buy. We’re guessing this took about six months to shoot (hence it being released now), and we don’t even wanna know what the bathroom situation was like.

Watch it up top, and compare it to the original video below.

[via BuzzFeed]