Ariana Grande Has Heard Justin Bieber’s New Music, Confirms That It Is “Amazing” And “Next Level”

Mike Wass | September 19, 2013 5:03 pm

Take a sigh of relief. Ariana Grande confirmed that she has heard Justin Bieber‘s new music and described it as “amazing” and “next level”. The 19-year-old spoke to J-19 about her interactions with the frequently shirtless pop god on tour and she initially sounded less than enthusiastic: “I think I saw him once and it was for about five minutes.”

Ari gradually warmed to the topic, saying: “He played me ‘Heartbreaker’ — it was amazing and then I left.” She then continued to sing the praises of Justin’s new material. “I did get to hear some of his new music and it’s amazing,” she enthused.

“I think his fans are going to be so pleased. It’s next level — it’s amazing — and it sounds great.” I’m sure the fact that they share the same management has nothing to do with her assertions, so this is pretty major.

Does Ariana’s seal of approval make you even more excited to hear Justin’s new tunes? Tell us in the comments below.

[Via J-14].