Rihanna & Her Fans Share Deep Connections In ‘Half Of Me’ Documentary: Watch

Patrick Bowman | September 20, 2013 8:32 am

Over the past year (and for her entire career, really) Rihanna has had some…let’s say “interesting” PR moves: her 777 tour last fall featured a mid-air protest from disgruntled journos; she managed to get fined almost $50k for missing multiple court dates; a controversy arose over her grandmother’s funeral arrangements; she’s had multiple ugly run-ins with fans; and she unexpectedly became the shade thrower to trump all shade throwers at this year’s VMA’s.

And now, in what is a pretty obvious attempt to remedy the handful of instances where RiRi seems like a detached, entitled brat, she’s teamed up with Budweiser to film “Half of Me,” an 11-minute documentary about the deep connection she shares with her fans. 

The documentary (read: extended Budweiser commercial) is shot in gorgeous black and white and has a small batch of superfans gushing profusely over how much they are inspired and empowered by the R&B chanteuse. And while Rihanna talks at length about how much she values her loyal supporters, she never actually “meets” or “talks to” any of them.

However, she does perform her hit song “Diamonds” at a concert and manages to brandish a couple Buds with friends while playing a very sad game of bags on a Budweiser branded cornhole board. As far as PR moves go, she didn’t really put her best foot forward here, but her fans, who are all apparently driven creatively by Rihanna in some way or another, don’t seem to mind at all.