Demi Lovato’s Next Single Will Be Rave-Tastic Synth Anthem “Neon Lights”

Mike Wass | September 20, 2013 12:11 pm

Demi Lovato has chosen “Neon Lights” as the third single from Demi — at least according to her super-clued in stans. Seriously, you can’t hide anything from Lovatics. Those guys are half fan army, half detective agency!

Rumors started circulating that the Ryan Tedder-penned dance anthem would be Demi’s next single when Hollywood Records uploaded it to their SoundCloud page. The decision was then seemingly confirmed in a press release for the confusingly-titled fundraiser Today For We Day Toronto.

If it turns out to be correct, this is a great choice. Demi is rather heavy on mid-tempo pop ballads, so it makes sense to switch things up by going with the LP’s only real party-starter. Listen to the catchy future hit after the jump.

Is this a good choice for Demi’s third single? Share your thoughts in the comments below.