Rihanna Sparks Outrageous Twitter Beef With Teyana Taylor By Posting A Catty Instagram Video

Mike Wass | September 24, 2013 2:17 pm

Rihanna is known for her messy social media antics. Just ask Ciara, who fell victim to RiRi’s nasty streak in 2011. The Barbadian babe’s latest victim? G.O.O.D. singer Teyana Taylor. All she did was post a video singing “Caught In Up The Rapture” on her own Instagram. Obviously, Thailand’s new face of tourism was not a fan. So she got her male stylist to dress in Teyana drag and uploaded his version of the song this morning (September 24).

But the “What Now” singer might have picked the wrong target. Unlike CiCi, who kept it classy, the Kanye West-signee clapped back — calling Rihanna out for her antics and even likened the superstar’s bedroom conquests to the number of dollars in her bank account. That came after Rih changed her Twitter background to a diagram outlining her net worth ($90 million) in comparison to Teyana’s ($500,000). See the whole shady affair after the jump.

1. How it all started

Teyana posted this Instagram video:

Rihanna mocked her with this:

2. Teyana came out swinging and scalped Rihanna with these tweets:

3. Rihanna tried to snatch her wig back but couldn’t quite manage it:

4. The moral of the story is — don’t fuck with Teyana Taylor.

Should Rihanna apologize for this or did her victim take things too far? Give your two cents in the comments below.