Porcelain Black Has A New Song With Deadmau5, So Why Is He Beefing With Her On Facebook?

Mike Wass | September 24, 2013 5:48 pm

Remember Porcelain Black? You know, RedOne‘s industrial-pop protege with two-tone hair that never quite took off despite a mountain of hype? Well, she’s back with a less abrasive sound and considerably better tresses. (For proof check out her surprisingly great “One Woman Army” song/video).

Things really appeared to be going her way when the 27-year-old teased fans with a new Deadmau5 collaboration called “Sweeter”. The song is absolutely wicked — the only problem is that the superstar DJ knows nothing about it.

It turns out that “Sweeter” is actually a feisty update of a Deadmau5 instrumental called “Arcadia”. Adding lyrics to an already popular dance track can be hit or miss, but this really works. It’s a sizzling electronic kiss-off with shady lyrics like “I bet the bitch you’re with in the club is dancing to this right now!” Sounds like a surefire winner?

Not according to the masked knob-twiddler. He jumped on Facebook and ranted about being Neon Hitch‘d again. (She pulled a similar trick by recording a vocal over one of his instrumentals in 2011). See Deadmau5’s dramatic Facebook rant after the jump and check out Porcelain’s saucy reply.

And Porcelain’s response? She tweeted: “Can’t wait to see u so I can smash your fuzzy little face into my big ass titties. Keep talking to me like that. Ur turning me on!” Unfortunately, the iconic moment in social media was subsequently deleted.

So I guess “Sweeter” is never being released but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Does Deadmau5 need to chill out or should Ms Black pay closer attention to copyright? Listen to the song below and share your thoughts in the comments.