Andy Bull’s “Baby I Am Nobody Now” Gets A Psychedelic Todd Rundgren Remix: Listen

Mike Wass | September 25, 2013 4:52 pm

Republic Records signee Andy Bull made huge waves with sad synth anthem “Baby I Am Nobody Now” when it surfaced online a couple of months ago. No doubt, the Australian electro-pop practitioner will generate even more attention with the track’s eerie, pseudo-psychedelic remix courtesy of legendary artist/producer Todd Rundgren.

“I think of Todd Rundgren as one of the original producer-artists,” Andy says. “Todd was, in essence, incorporating ideas like glitches and detuned samples into pop music when it meant slicing up Ampex tape with a razor blade.”

The unlikely meeting of minds turns out to be a near-perfect match. The Aussie’s sad synths are still there — they’re just fighting for space in Todd’s beautifully warped soundscape. Listen to the remix after the jump.

The remix is available as a free download from Andy’s Facebook for a two week period. Get in quick and let us know what you think of the cosmic jam in the comments below.