Charli XCX Drops New Song “SuperLove”: Watch Her Dance With Robots In The Video

Carl Williott | September 26, 2013 7:45 am

Charli XCX has been hard at work on new music to follow up her rad True Romance debut — she was so inspired to create that she canceled tour dates to churn out the new tunes. And now we’ve got the first fruit of that labor with “SuperLove.” It’s still refreshingly off-kilter like all of her best songs, but it’s a bit brighter than much of her prior stuff, which usually paired murky verses with triumphant choruses. This one is all jangly and peppy, guitars intermingling with her glo-fi sonics and her rapid-fire singing style.

For the colorful video (which she got Ryan Andrews to direct once again), Charli struts around the streets of Japan and dances with robots in a neon club/funhouse, all while dressed like the world’s most stylish candystriper.

“SuperLove” hits iTunes on December 1. No word yet on whether there’s an album to follow or if this is a one-off track.