Christina Aguilera’s “We Remain”: Hear The Monster ‘Hunger Games’ Power Ballad

Sam Lansky | September 30, 2013 10:37 am

Christina Aguilera may be winning her very own hunger games (did you see her on the cover of Maxim?), but now the Lotus legend has one-upped the competition again by contributing a track to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack — and if it was promising in snippet form when announced last week, it’s even more regal in full (in a Leona Lewis album track sort of way).

No, but seriously, a soundtrack ballad should be nice and cinematic, and this one is — with a propulsive Ryan Tedder-ish beat and enormous, soaring vocals from Xtina. That chorus (“So burn me with fire / Drown me with rain / I’m gonna wake up screaming your name”) is one of the most immediately resonant in her recent canon; it’s certainly stronger than any of the overwrought ballads on Lotus, which makes it feel like a refreshing return to form after a few misfires.

Also, she looks great in that single artwork, doesn’t she? Oh — oh wait — that’s not…? Oh. Never mind, then.

Listen below.

Christina Aguilera — “We Remain”