Azealia Banks Beefs With Disclosure, So Now *Their* Collaboration Collapses

Carl Williott | October 1, 2013 6:53 am

Azealia Banks has made herself yet another enemy in the music industry, this time beefing with UK dance duo Disclosure, and scrapping their collaboration for her debut album in the process. As with any Azealia beef story, this one gets complicated, so focus: Banks recorded a track with the rising Brits for Broke With Expensive Taste, and soon after she was excitedly tweeting about their sessions, as she is wont to do. (She called it  “the greatest studio session EVAR.”)

Well, the dudes were a little annoyed by that, since the song wasn’t finished yet. So in a subsequent interview they tried to temper expectations. “I think she’s kind of taken to Twitter quite heavily with the fact that she’s meeting with us… People now think that we’ve made the greatest song of all time, and it doesn’t even actually have a chorus yet.”

Banks, understandably, didn’t enjoy the buzzkill. So she, not understandably, decided to call the whole thing off. “I did something with Disclosure but they were, like, really rude in an interview, so I canned it,” she told AU Review. “I might leak it, though. And to be honest, I’ve got better stuff on my record… It can be an f-side. A fuck-you side.”

(The Harlem rapper also revealed that Fantasea II will be a proper album, not a mixtape, because apparently she wants to have the sloppiest album cycle possible.)

Oh, did you think it ended there? It didn’t. The Disclosure brothers responded to Banks’ decision on Australian radio today (October 1). And they don’t seem to be too crestfallen.

“I don’t give a damn if she leaks it. We’re actually terrible, terrible people,” Howard Lawrence joked. “She thought we were rude in that interview, but we apologized and everything. It didn’t seem to matter that we apologized … We made the beat on the way there in the car, so I don’t give a damn if she uses it. Whatever. Maybe when I said [in the interview] that she’s ‘taken to it quite heavily’, it came across as rude — but what I meant was that whenever we’ve worked with anyone in the past, we just keep it secret. Because if nothing comes of the session, nobody’s disappointed. But if you build all the hype before, then you have to deliver an amazing song.”

This is the second high profile collaboration Banks has apparently squandered in recent months. She worked on “Red Flame” with Lady Gaga, which was supposed to appear on ARTPOP. However, in August Gaga revealed Banks wouldn’t appear on the album, and the rapper was soon taking shots at Mother Monster on Twitter, claiming she stole her mermaid look and her song.

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