Sky Ferreira Talks Drug Arrest, New Album, Being Generally Misunderstood

Sam Lansky | October 1, 2013 8:41 am

Sky Ferreira, the pop star equivalent of a :-| emoticon, has had a bumpy few weeks after being arrested for drug possession with her boyfriend (boo) and then releasing one of the year’s best singles with “You’re Not The One” (yay!), so it’s a mixed bag in Ferreiraville.

Still, in a sprawling new interview with Billboard, she sounds like she has her head screwed on straight about it — sort of! Meaning that she demurs when asked directly about the details of the drug arrest, explaining that she’s not able to discuss it at length because of legal stuff, but saying, “I know I’m not a drug addict.” Which is good! We don’t want Sky Ferreira to be a drug addict. Her tone seems to be fairly reasonable and explanatory, but also (understandably) a little defensive. I guess I would be, too.

As she explained:

It was a lot harder because people don’t really know… I legally can’t say much about what happened, but it’s not what it all seems. I kind of got fucked with. And it’s annoying because I wasn’t charged with his heroin. It says it. The public records are out there. I wasn’t charged with it. Trust me, if I was even anywhere near that, they would’ve charged me because they had no problem charging me with other shit. They were out to kind of like fuck with us. I’m scared to say more than that because I don’t want them to arrest us anymore. I’m not saying they went out of their way to fuck with us, but like what happened wasn’t… No one actually knows what happened besides Cole and I and the Saugerties police.

More defensively, she also asked, “Do you think I want people thinking I’m a heroin addict? No. Do you think I want people thinking I’m a drug addict? No.” Welp, that settles that.

Here’s the good news: She’s really excited about her new album, which is coming out later this month and of which she says she’s actually proud! See? “I’m really proud of my record, which I didn’t know could ever be possible,” she says. “[Before] I thought, ‘Maybe there’s something wrong with me.’ I thought maybe the songs weren’t good, or I couldn’t write a good song. ‘Maybe I’m just not capable of making a good record that I’m happy with. Maybe I’ll just never be satisfied.'”

As for her public image, she maintains that she’s Not The Girl You Think She Is:

I don’t think anyone can possibly know how it is until they experience it. I don’t like being exploited and I don’t like people lying about me, but I put myself in this position and that’s part of my job. That’s part of what I have to deal with and people have to deal with worse things in the world. So it’s not like, “Oh feel sorry for me,” because I don’t feel sorry for myself at all. I wish things were different, but it’s just what it is and I don’t think some people can understand how it feels to be judged and told you’re something that you’re not.

In related news, here is Sky Ferreira’s new single:

“I never said I was a role model.”

[via Billboard]