Sia Says She Gave Beyonce Her “Other Best Song” & It’s On Beyonce’s New Album

Sam Lansky | October 1, 2013 11:13 am

Sia is having more of a moment than ever — as her brilliant Hunger Games soundtrack cut “Elastic Heart” proves deftly. But the singer-turned-hitmaker (who penned “Diamonds” for Rihanna, among a slew of other recent smashes) was also involved in penning songs for Beyonce‘s upcoming fifth solo album, which is pop’s most elusive and enigmatic creature. (Basically, Album 5 is a unicorn.)

Yesterday, a fan lamented on Twitter that “Elastic Heart” would have made a fine single for Beyonce; Sia replied, saying that she gave Beyonce her “other best song.” The fan asked whether that was “Standing On The Sun,” Beyonce’s now-iconic H&M jingle, which Sia penned, and Sia said no — Beyonce cut “another one” and that “it did” make the album. Revealingly, the tweets have since been deleted, suggesting that maybe Sia spilled the tea prematurely. (The tea was Beyonce’s, so it was made from gold leaf and served in a jeweled goblet.) 

Given that there’s no solid news about Bey’s upcoming LP, this speculation might have to suffice until Beyonce unveils her next corporate partnership. In the interim, at least there’s still “Elastic Heart.”

[via Popjustice]

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