One Direction Announce Crazy Livestream With Fans, Dubiously Titled “1D Day”

Sam Lansky | October 2, 2013 9:22 am

One Direction are gearing up for the release for their third album in as many years — Midnight Memories, out November 25 — and in anticipation of that album’s release, the boys are doing something extra-special, which takes shape in the form of this thing called 1D Day. Yes, the boys are storming the shores of Normandy in the year 1944!

Haha, no, just kidding. On Saturday, November 23, they’re doing a 7-hour livestream with their fans, which will include celebrity guests and fan-generated content executed with “the quality of a high end HD production and the intimacy of a web chat,” and that’s exactly what you need to know about it.

It’s the sort of thing that you will definitely watch if you’re a One Direction fan, and is probably not germane to your interests if you’re not, but if you are, get ready: Seven straight hours of dedicated 1D? It’s a dream come true.

Watch the boys’ announcement up top.