Avril Lavigne Is A Goth Bride For Italian ‘Glamour’: 8 Gloomy Pics

Mike Wass | October 2, 2013 2:04 pm

Avril Lavigne isn’t the obvious choice to cover Italian Glamour — her rock chick outfits don’t scream fine European style — but that’s what makes her spread so interesting and original. The Canadian superstar poses in an array of fabulous gowns but still stays true to her inner-bad girl with smoky eyes and messy bed hair.

Perhaps her most intriguing look is the gothic bride get-up — complete with black veil and sullen expression. I’d like to think this is how she went down the aisle when she married Chad Kroeger in July. Oh and she also looks pretty hot posing in a fluffy jacket (and nothing else).

Is this Avril’s best shoot? You be the judge in the comments below.