Britney Spears Didn’t Do Her Homework, Bitch: 3 Videos The Diva “Borrowed Ideas” From

Mike Wass | October 2, 2013 4:31 pm

Britney Spears is the latest diva to be called out for stealing video concepts. It turns out her Ben Mor-directed opus (quite obviously) recycles ideas from three obscure clips. The wronged parties? Mexican pop act Prima J, Serbian club queen Nikolija and Chinese songbird Jane Zhang. If nothing else, Brit borrowed from exotic artists!

Of course, this is far from the first time a pop star has been caught with sticky fingers. Beyonce was raked over the coals for lifting choreography from a Belgian ballet and Lady Gaga is accused of copying more frequently than Azealia Banks delays her album.

You would just think that directors would finally realize that nothing escapes eagle-eyed pop fans. If it’s already online, you will be clocked for stealing it. See the videos that helped make “Work Bitch” spectacular after the jump.

1. Prima J — “Corazón” (Watch Video)

Who else remembers this perky Mexican pop song from 2009? I’m kind of glad Britney’s team ravaged their YouTube channel because this little ditty deserves some attention. Anyway, like the 31-year-old, they stand on a white platform in a pool. It would be a stretch if it didn’t look like the same platform and the same pool. At least, the pop icon added sharks, which makes it a bit better.

2. Nikolija — “Cao Zdravo” (Watch Video)

This Serbian pop star is my new fave. No wonder her visual was targeted, she’s literally the most fabulous creature on earth. So what did the Holy Spearit borrow from the Belgrade bombshell? The whole ladies on a big leash set-up. On the bright side, Nikolija seems to be taking the theft in her stride — happily retweeting fans who compare her to Britney.

3. Jane Zhang — “Personal Look” (Watch below)

Perhaps the most wronged diva is Chinese sensation Jane Zhang. Her whole dancing in the desert on a shiny square concept was stolen. More worryingly, so was some of her choreography. Oh well. She can take some solace in knowing that she did it first was back in 20011.

Where does the blame lie? With Britney? Ben Mor? Have your say in the comments below.