Whatcha Say: Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor & Britney Spears Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | October 4, 2013 8:30 pm

This week in pop music was filled with great album releases, grand comebacks and of course – Miley Cyrus being Miley Cyrus. Justin Timberlake released the second half of his monumental musical experience with The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, with Lorde‘s Pure Heroine and Haim‘s Days Are Gone both making album debuts.

Big Sean & Naya Rivera are now engaged (um, congrats?) while Chris Brown and Drake ended their beef and got back in the studio together. Speaking of beef, Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor got into a pretty gnarly feud. Lorde took over Billboard and the world while finding the time to shade both Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber announced his new #MusicMondays series. t.A.T.u made a comeback (kind of) with Lena Katina premiering her new video for “Lift Me Up.” But the best moment of the week happened when Britney Spears blessed us with the Holy Spearit – thanks to her sultry new video for “Work Bitch.”

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: In this week’s Caption This, we asked what the overly concerned-looking Kanye West was thinking while strolling with Kim Kardashian. Natural Kesha had the answer right away on Facebook: “Hope no one notices I have on Kim’s jeans!”

:: There’s two sides to every story, as PopArt notes on Sinead O’Connor Destroys Miley Cyrus Like A Wrecking Ball In Second Open Letter: “I honestly think that they both are not in the right. Sinead’s first open letter basically assumed that if a woman has a largely sexual image men must be controlling and influencing her. Which is a very problematic thing to assume because it sends a message that women cannot be sexual beings without being a “prostitute”. However on the other hand Miley’s response to Sinead’s letter was immature and uncalled for, as using a persons mental illness as an insult is highly inappropriate.”

:: Jake Bauer joked on Miley Cyrus Gets It Right On ‘Bangerz’ Bonus Tracks: Listen To “On My Own” & “Rooting For My Baby”: “Isnt Bangerz the little cheese burgers from Applebees”

:: adelino has some very observant eyes, as seen when commenting on Miley Cyrus Strips For Terry Richardson, Shows Everything: 16 Pics From The NSFW Soft-Porn Shoot: “She could have at least wiped before leaving the mucous stains on the front of her leotard.”

:: Tyler shaded D. Woods’ musical efforts on Former Danity Kane Diva D. Woods Drops Solo Single “Gold Mine”: Watch The Sexy Video: “She need to call Dawn and get on this Danity Kane train!! I aint feeling it! :)”

:: Our love for Paris Hilton seems to be unappreciated by our readers, including BP on Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” Gets Some Stunning Single Artwork: Idolator Premiere: “I feel like I’m reading The Onion whenever you write about Paris Hilton because everything seems satirical. That is the most self-obsessed single artwork possible.”

:: aerogens couldn’t get enough of Godney on Britney Spears Comes To Life In “Work Bitch”: Watch The Glossy Video: “I was seriously so impressed! I haven’t seen Britney dance like that (or even bend her knees!) in how many years! And her facial expressions look effortless for once. I can only hope she goes up from here. She’s definitely set the bar higher than recent years. Work it, Brit!”

:: On the other hand, ptizzy thought Spears didn’t work it enough (bitch): “That’s it..? Cinematography and direction was flawless, but Britney herself was utterly underwhelming. What were those dance moves? Glorified jazz hands and hip shimmying? No thank you. Nice try. Ready for Beyonce to obliterate all current pop acts.”

:: Finally, drew said what we were all thinking after watching RiRi’s new video on Rihanna Strips & Twerks In Provocative “Pour It Up” Video: Watch: “Yeah, I need a shower.”