Justin Bieber’s “Heartbreaker”: Hear The New Slow Jam

Carl Williott | October 7, 2013 5:43 am

Justin Bieber followed through on his #MusicMondays promise, releasing new song “Heartbreaker” promptly at midnight this morning (October 7). And it’s straight-up baby-makin’ music, Bieber cooing over a slow beat built on an aqueous guitar line and simple snare cracks. It’s something that would sound perfect sandwiched between offerings from Babyface and Jodeci in the mid-90s — Bieber even resuscitates that era’s lost art of the spoken word interlude.

The coda, though, is all 2013, with the song warping into a hazy, bass-heavy lurch as Bieber’s falsetto fades out slathered in effects. The song was produced by Maejor Ali, T-Minus, and Chef Tone. Hear it below.

And after dropping the new single, Bieber promised “each week the songs get better.”

“Heartbreaker” is available now on iTunes.

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