Kelly Clarkson Talks Christmas Album & Baby Rumors, Performs “Tie It Up” On ‘The View’

Sam Lansky | October 9, 2013 9:54 am

When most artists start trotting out their Christmas albums in advance of the holiday season, it elicits groans of resigned frustration — but Kelly Clarkson‘s doing a few promotional stops to lend support to her upcoming Christmas album Wrapped In Red and it’s bringing nothing but joy. Why? Because it’s Kelly Clarkson, y’all — literally the most sublimely likable pop star in the business.

Consider her appearance on Elvis Duran & The Morning Show today, where she chatted with Garrett about the recording of her holiday LP, explaining that most of the original songs were written last year during Christmas to avoid that writing-a-Christmas-album-in-the-summer problem: “We were already in that mode,” she explained. But when they did record the album over the summer, she says she forced everyone to demonstrate a little Yuletide cheer: “We decorated the studio and I made everyone wear Christmas PJs,” she said. And, like, of course she did.

As for her personal life, she revealed that there may be some little Kelegends running around sometime soon — “I want babies right off the bat,” she said — but demurred when pressed about baby names. “I can’t tell you,” she said. “No! I’m not giving my secrets away. People will steal my name.”

Later that morning, because she’s a busy bee, she stopped by The View to perform her wedding jingle “Tie It Up,” which was typically exuberant; watch that below.

Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red drops October 29.