Bastille Mash Two ’90s Dance Classics On “Of The Night”: Watch The Crime-Filled Video

Mike Wass | October 9, 2013 11:21 am

A song that mashes Corona‘s seminal ’90s smash “Rhythm Of The Night” with Snap!‘s iconic “Rhythm Is A Dancer” should be an uplifting party-starter. Right? Well, not in the hands of English band Bastille. Dan and the boys deconstruct the songs into an ominous late night lullaby and have filmed, quite possibly, the most depressing video of the year to underline the gloomy transformation.

The “Pompeii” hitmakers are largely absent from the dark and gloomy clip. You catch a glimpse of them at a crime scene but the main protagonist is a detective, who investigates a string of murders. On a slightly cheerier note the corpses do sing, so there’s always that. “Of The Night” is a dark and brooding gem. Watch the live favorite up top.

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