The Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour Over “Deep Rift” In Band; World Reels

Sam Lansky | October 9, 2013 2:04 pm

Just when you thought it was safe to fall in love with the Jonas Brothers all over again: After dropping their boisterous lead single “Pom Poms” and (arguably) the best song of their career with the glorious, hazy “First Time,” the boys have canceled their upcoming tour over what their representative describes as “a deep rift” in the band. Quoi? 

Let her take it away: “There is a deep rift within the band,” their spokesman, Jesse Derris, explained to People. “There was a big  disagreement over their music direction.” She also said that the future of the Jonas Brothers now hangs in the balance, saying only “it remains to be seen” what will happen next. Another source claims that the cancelation had nothing to do with personal stuff (like Kevin Jonas‘ incipient fatherhood), only “creative differences.” Their tour was slated to begin Friday; now that it’s canceled, ticketholders will be receiving full refunds.

It’s bound to be a bummer for their fans, but as someone who recently spent some time with the brothers Jonas, I’ll attest to the fact that they didn’t seem particularly, well, happy. They were perfectly polite and responsive, but artists tend to have a certain enthusiasm about their new music when they begin promoting it, especially after such a long hiatus; frankly, Kevin was the only one who seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the new project, while Nick and Joe both seemed a little bit more removed. Far from effusive, at the very least.

It’s tough to say what this means for the fate of their upcoming release — the new material I heard from it was really good, especially the aggressive next single “What Do I Mean To You” — so hope it sees the light of day eventually, even if this tour goes south.

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