Justin Bieber Accused Of Throwing Punches At Korean Nightclub For Not Playing Rap

Christina Lee | October 13, 2013 9:13 am

Justin Bieber has made known to #Beliebers that he loves hip-hop, through photos, video selfies, appearances and (actually pretty great) bonafide collaborations. According to famed house DJ Michael Woods, Bieber’s love for such music may have inspired his latest nightclub scuffle.

On October 10, Woods launched an Asian tour at Seoul nightclub The A Club. According to Woods, a shirtless Bieber and his security “muscled in” the DJ booth during his set to demand hip-hop music. When Woods refused, Bieber threw punches at Woods’ tour manager Alex Madden before taking off.

The Believe star himself has yet to comment, as he focuses instead on promoting his next #MusicMondays single “All That Matters.” Meanwhile, party host Ben Baller says to Perez Hilton that he didn’t see punches thrown but did see “a little tiff going on” between Woods and Bieber.

Woods and Madden have also aired out details on Twitter — see a few after the jump.

[via Billboard]