Lady Gaga Held An ‘ARTPOP’ Twitter Q&A: Here’s What She Revealed (Including Claims Of A Sequel)

Carl Williott | October 14, 2013 8:20 am

With just under a month untilARTPOP drops on November 11, Lady Gaga held a Twitter Q&A Sunday night (October 13) to answer any lingering fan questions about the album (and about waffles). She revealed a bunch of concrete details regarding the making of the project and the forthcoming rollout of singles and videos. Mother Monster also relayed more conceptual stuff, such as the definition of the term “artpop” and the album’s “joy” throughline.

The biggest bit of news, though, may have had nothing to do with this new album, but rather, the next one. Gaga claimed she has already begun working on the follow-up, which for now she referred to as ACT TWO. Head below for the most relevant tweets from the session.

1. It looks like there’s an ARTPOP sequel in the works.

2. Artpop, defined.

3. On why she chose The Fame-era Gaga for the sculpture.

4. The next music video is…

5. ARTPOP is an artsplosion. 

6. ARTPOP is rage. But it is also joy.

7. Bonus track “Brooklyn Nights” will come out via the app at some point.

8. She got the old gang back together.

9. Gaga wants to perform the album in sequence on tour.