Simon Curtis Drops Free Album ‘WWW’: Hear Standout Track “Do I Have To Dance”

Sam Lansky | October 14, 2013 2:44 pm

It’s been a minute since the world last heard new tunes from pop singer-songwriter Simon Curtis, who made a major splash a few years back with his debut album 8Bit Heart and its excellent follow-up R∆ — and while Curtis has been gearing up for a big comeback with a super-secret brand-spanking-new musical project, he’s offered up a solid collection of additional tracks from his solo endeavors as a free download. WWW, comprised — as Curtis explains — primarily of submissions he wrote for artists like Ke$ha and Madonna, is a varied and lively set of crisply produced dance-pop that showcases his deft abilities with a singalong hook and pleasantly melancholy lyrics.

For my money, though, the best song on the set is “Do I Have To Dance,” a six-minute house number that sounds like something out of Manchester’s brooding gloompop scene; a hypnotic, trancelike beat and lushly pained vocals frame a chorus that’s nothing short of explosive. It’s exactly the kind of payoffs 

Listen below, then head over to MuuMuse to download the whole album for free.