Tegan & Sara’s “Shudder To Think”: Hear The Shimmering B-Side

Sam Lansky | October 15, 2013 10:59 am

Tegan And Sara made one of the best pop records of the year with their impeccable Heartthrob — its only shortcoming was that it was too short — which is why their new song, “Shudder To Think,” serves as such an excellent bonus. A b-side taken from the soundtrack for the upcoming Matthew McConaghuey vehicle The Dallas Buyers Club, the song features some nice, chirpy 8-bit instrumentation and ’80s-evoking production (I’d wager that this, like their album, was produced by Greg Kurstin), with typically wistful lyrics from the sisters Quin.

Listen below.

Tegan And Sara — “Shudder To Think”

[via Rolling Stone]