Avril Lavigne Gets Melodramatic With Chad Kroeger In “Let Me Go” Video: Watch

Sam Lansky | October 15, 2013 12:34 pm

Since slinging massive pop choruses and brilliantly high-concept videos has done virtually nothing for Avril Lavigne‘s career, she’s gone the adult contemporary route with her latest single “Let Me Go,” featuring squinting human goatee Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback notoriety), her real-life husband. (They are de facto Canadian royals, after all.)

The song, a crunching midtempo ballad, gets an old-fashioned video treatment with a glammed-up Avril at a piano, all tortured and melodramatic; Kroeger creeps in halfway through to make some growling noises out of his face-hole. Love is truly extraordinary.

That said! Not even this can deter me from eagerly anticipating Avril’s upcoming self-titled album, which — based on the sound of earlier singles — promises to be legitimately exceptional.

Watch up top.