Miley Cyrus Drops An Acoustic Version Of “Wrecking Ball”: Listen To The Pretty Piano Ballad

Mike Wass | October 15, 2013 2:13 pm

A sparse, stripped back version of Miley Cyrus‘ chart-conquering “Wrecking Ball” has surfaced online and it’s undeniably gorgeous. Whether it’s official is not as clear. In an age when bored fans can transform Beyonce‘s “Grown Woman” into a rollicking country anthem, it’s really hard to tell where this originated.

At the very least, the vocal is different. Particularly towards the end when Miley shows what her powerful pipes are capable off by hitting a bunch of notes she didn’t quite reach in the studio version. If nothing else, this a reminder of the kind of music the twerkin’ 20-year-old should be making. The club bangers are nice but a decade from now people will remember “Wrecking Ball”… “23” and “SMS (Bangerz)” not so much. Listen after the jump.

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